KEA – Sketch Triathlon

The purpose of this exercise is to develop your creativity and sketching techniques. Working with narrow target groups, style and user context is a well-proven method that ultimately leads to better design solutions.

On the personal level, it is important to accept that you WILL experience strong feelings during the process, such as deep frustration and anger, but also the wonderful feeling of flow.

The exercise is individual and will be done in class in three stages. It is important that you only work with one requirement at the time and forget about all other stages than the current one – just like the triathletes, who concentrate on one discipline at the time.

Stage 1: Extreme target group (Party boys and girls)
First, you will make as many sketches as possible based on the target audience that will be handed out to you.  Consider your target groups’ physical and mental capacities and restraints. What kind of product would your target group really benefit from?

Stage 2: Style (Steam Punk)
As for the style, make different sketches and take the requirement to the extreme, not worrying too much about Tivoli Corporate visual identity and do’s and don’t’s.

Stage 3: User context (While riding a bike)
What opportunities and restrictions does the user context offer? What would a user need in those circumstances? Make many different sketches of a product that would fit to or even help or entertain the user in the specific context.

Material: Bleistift, Fineliner


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